Are you interested in joining a dance troupe?


Are you willing to work hard and have tons of fun?

Do you enjoy learning dances and performing?

Are you interested in learning lots of dance styles?

Do you have a good sense of fun and adventure?

Then this could be the perfect place for YOU!

(707) 837-1793

The Essence of Egypt Dance Company is always changing, always growing.

We explore and experiment in many dance styles.

Currently we perform in the classical Egyptian Cabaret, East Indian - classical, Bollywood and Techno, and American Tribal and perform up to two hours per performance. We have also branched into theatrical dance styles of performances and will be doing even more of that in the future.

We are a performing Company, specializing in Theme Party Entertainment and winery events. We do parties and events of all kinds, from birthdays to wedding receptions.

As our way of giving back to the community, we also perform for at any senior center or convalescent home. Since these shows are usually early on weekend, they don't interfere with our normal paid performances, and they allow us to bring some joy to seniors.

We also perform at many dance conventions, both to live and taped music.

If you're interested in joining a dance company, come take a class or two and see if the style works for you. We work hard, we have fun, we have a strong sense of friendship within the Company and we take care of each other. That's not a's just the way things work out.

What's required?


Any dance experience is helpful, but we'll train the right people up to performance level


You must be punctual and be able to attend class at least once or twice a week and Sunday rehearsals


Less experienced dancers need to commit to at least two classes plus rehearsal


If you can sew, perfect. If you have someone to do your sewing for you, that's fine. If you can't sew, be willing to learn


You must be willing to practice and be prepared for classes, rehearsals and shows

Debra, Shery, Amy & Jana (Amira) in our old dance space.


Come to our private studio in Windsor, CA and see what our troupe is all about!

(707) 837-1793

**Not in the area? CLICK HERE for info on our instructional video programs